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“There is no medicine or yoga or anything else that can take away what it is like to live with anxiety in a time in which there is, for real, no stability or sense of safety. The reality of the world right now is that all is not well.

“Like the city itself, the food scene in Philly is small but tough, the little guy in the corner that keeps getting underestimated yet is undefeated in the ring.”

“I eagerly brought the dripping paper bag outside into the square, and proceeded to eat it like an apple, chomping into the sides and allowing the cloudy water it was just soaking in to dribble down my chin.”

A Bit About Me…

I am a freelance writer with a special love for travel and food writing. When I’m not writing, I spend my time outside running, hiking, or paddling and eating my way around the world. You can see more of my personal work on Miles Less Traveled, a blog focused on all of the local eats and adventures I’ve discovered in my travels.

My Full Works

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Informative or narrative looks at the world abroad and at home.

Food & Drink

An insider’s view point on food and drink. I know the best of the best because I work with them daily.


My heart and soul. I love to creative pieces based on a good story.

Health & Wellness

Articles on health, lifestyle, and overall wellness.


Research based writing for Scientific journals, short news briefs, and more.


Professional copywriting services.

I’m not Just a Writer…

Here are some other ways I can help your business, brand, or website grow.

  • Wordress
    • Get your new wordpress site up and running
    • Create templates and layouts for posts and pages
    • Format and design your new site *basic designs only*
  • Event planning
  • Social media
  • Hospitality & guest services
  • Images
    • Edit DSLR images using lightroom
    • Design simple graphics, infographics, and other design elements for your site
    • Create website banners, headers, blog headers
  • Google analytics
    • Pull and consolidate SEO data
    • Build easy to read spreadsheets with data

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